Your Journey To Boosting Your Confidence & Enhancing Your Overall Self Image

Understanding, knowing and believing your WORTH comes from developing a positive SELF IMAGE and the ability to live every day with CONFIDENCE

Are You Ready To Discover The Power of Self-Worth?

Are you ready to transform how you view yourself and tackle life’s challenges with a newfound confidence? The Self-Worth Course is your guide to understanding and embracing your intrinsic value. Through video lessons, written content, and your very own workbook, you will learn to see yourself in a completely new light. Discover the freedom that comes with recognizing your unconditional worth as a person—beyond achievements, appearances, or others’ opinions. Say HELLO to a healthy and vibrant confidence that will equip you to thrive in quite literally every area of your life. 

Then The Self Worth Course Is For You!

If feelings of confusion, depression, or anxious thoughts cloud your days, it might not just be about your circumstances but how you perceive yourself in them. The Self-Worth Course is designed to shift the perspective of your mind and lifestyle. By nurturing a strong and positive self-image, you will enable yourself to face daily challenges with resilience and confidence. Layla will teach you to trust in your inherent worth, finding joy and fulfillment not from external accolades but from an internal acknowledgment of your value and truest identity. This course is your pathway to not just living but thriving.


Gain the tools to embrace yourself as you are without relying on outside validation. Let me help you grasp your trueset identity and how to let it shine with the utmost confidence.

Joy in Everyday Life

Discover how a strong sense of worth can transform everyday experiences and interactions… even the ones that used to be “boring” but have to get done.

Resilience Against Negativity

Ain’t no body got time for the things that do not serve them, encourage them and build them up. I will help you battle any negative self talk, doubt & confusion with your strengths and passions.

Unlock Your True Potential & Self Worth

Everything We Cover In The SElf Worth Course

Your Truest Identity

It is time to discover who you are beyond societal labels and who “they” say you are. Let’s dive deep into your personal experiences, passions and strengths so that you gain a grounded and confident sense of self.

Emotional + Physical Health

You are going to explore and learn how aspects of your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health all contribute to your overall health and sense of self-worth.

Goals + Vision

Your goals will become habits and your dreams will become your reality! It is possible. I am going to give you all the tools you need to thrive in every are of your life. It all starts with a belief and understanding of your very own self worth.

Self Care, Habits & Routines

You need to be prioritizing your well-being; body, soul (mind, will & emotions), and spirit. I will help you develop personal care routines that reinforce the value you know you have, and enhance your overall energy and outlook on life. 

Support Systems 

Out with the old, in with the new. Say hello to everything POSTIVE and peace out to all of the things and people who are bringing you doubt, distractions and negativity. 

Beliefs + Values

Live in harmony with your beliefs. Identify your core values and learn how to align your everyday actions and decisions with these principles.

But Why Listen To me?

I Discovered My Own Self-Worth, Changed My Life & Want To Help You Do THe Same

I’ve Been In Your Shoes

Having been through my own 160 lb weight loss journey, I have been where you are! As a Weight Loss Coach, I help you thrive no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. 


I coach women who choose weight loss surgery as a tool, as well as those who pursue other paths to achieve their goals. This includes dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and exercise plans designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.


My experience has equipped me to help you not only achieve but maintain your weight loss. I focus on ensuring that the changes we make are sustainable, transforming your health and self-worth for a lifetime. Together, we will build a healthier, more joyful life.

Ready To Invest In Your Growth & Self-Worth?

Invest in your growth and future with our straightforward, one-time payment option. Embark on your journey to enhanced self-worth and confidence today.

Self Worth Course


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Everything You Need To Know Before Joining

Everything You Need To Know Before Joining