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Hi I'm Layla Holly


Health is my passion, but it has not always been. My wake up call was when I needed a seat belt extender on the air plane. Weighing in at over 320 lbs I was labelled as morbidly obese. I did not believe I was worthy of a transformation. Since recognizing and believing my worth I have successfully lost 150 lbs. The bariatric gastric bypass has been an extremely helpful tool for me. I am a mom of 2 and wife to an incredible man who was born and raised in Los Angeles. We are entrepreneurs currently living in Canada. I enjoy training at the gym, modelling and am passionate to communicate to all people they are created worthy of everything good in life. All bodies are beautiful & worthy of perfect health. I help people to love and honour their bodies at every age and stage.

I Help Women Thrive Before, During, and After Their Weight Loss Journey

Having been through my own 160 lb weight loss journey, I have been where you are! As a Weight Loss Coach, I help you thrive no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. I coach women who choose weight loss surgery as a tool, as well as those who pursue other paths to achieve their goals.

What my created worthy vip clients say

As Layla’s long time friend I have had the privilege of witnessing her incredible journey. I watched her embark on her own weight loss and inner health journey and I can’t help but be amazed by how far she has come. Layla’s unwavering commitment to promoting self-love and acceptance is truly inspiring, because of her, i started my own journey. Layla has held my hand every step of the way, she has become a beacon of light for those seeking empowerment and a healthier relationship with their bodies.

Manila I.

Layla has supported my well-being, and mental health by being such a positive role model. I have gained self-confidence, self-worth and what it truly means to love myself. I can count on Layla to be my cheerleader and uplift me when I’m being hard and negative on myself if I didn’t reach a certain goal on time when I wanted to. She has taught me to never give up, keep moving forward through the challenges and struggles you face because I am not alone.

Ranelle R.

During the past year that I have known Layla she has been nothing but a true inspiration to me and someone who I truly admire. She is such a selfless person and is always willing to put others ahead of herself. While undergoing such a huge transformation both physically and mentally, I have been able to watch her continue to spread constant positivity and happiness to those around her, while becoming the best possible version of herself. She is such a light in my life and I owe her for the ways that she has improved the way I look at myself in terms of my self-esteem and the love I have for myself.

I’ve seen Layla struggle with her weight since childhood. Since then she worked hard on not only her body but her mindset and I think her “Created Worthy” program will help many others that have a poor self esteem. I highly recommend listening to her story and let her help you become a different person!
Sandra B.

Layla has the gift of encouragement. She’s down to earth and relatable. She makes me feel seen and known in my gifting. She’s committed, loyal, invested, and passionate about championing people and seeing them thrive.

Emma C.

why not THRIve… Experience love, joy and peace throughout your journey

Created Worthy offers a variety of courses, an outstanding VIP membership and 1:1 coaching. Let’s see which one is perfect for you. Layla Holly herself is available for a 30 minutes video call with you. Book your no obligation, purely and inspirational & educational call.

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You are created worthy of everything good.